Hello everyone in the WordPress world, this is yo girl Mellymel. today is June the 14th of 2018, and I am somewhat little by little starting to understand WordPress. The 1st thing thats stood out is, basically creating a blog. I am NEW to this period. With technology being updated, and how easy it is for anyone to learn new trades is dope!!! I am very privledged to be living in this day and age.

So I am currently creating a website with resources to the T(RAP) UNDERGROUND world, covering the United States. Its kinda hard to remember all the different domains or URL addresses, to all the other sites from the differents states. The M.O.B.B. GRAMMYS for one, is easy to remember and two, The M.O.B.B. GRAMMYS will like to host a grammys award show for underground. Alot of well known T(RAP) Setters from all over has gone unoticed for their tracks that they have helped us in the public cope with our own life situations.

The M.O.B.B. GRAMMYS would like to invite any comments and especially HELP! Coming into this project has taught me a great deal of the network life, and I am still feasting on an overflow of knowledge.


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